• Heirloom Cranberry Compote is here!

    The Heirloom Cranberry Compote is something that I truly look forward to Gino making each season, and it's finally back and available here online, at our farmers' markets and select retail stores.

    The organic heirloom cranberries are from Paradise Hill Farm and when Gino pairs them with port wine, candied ginger, D'anjou pear and orange zest it becomes more than just your ordinary cranberry sauce. Almost like a chutney and that's kind of how I use it, I put it on sandwiches, top salads with it, I've served it with a leg of lamb - it's just so versatile and flavorful.

    I'll admit it...I've eaten it with a spoon, even the whole jar, there I said it, I have! I wish it was around longer than just a few months. Last year the farm ran out of cranberries before Christmas. But don't worry Gino's on it and has reserved a good number of cases of cranberries so we'll be sure to have it through the holidays.

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